Panjab was once the most prosperous state in India. Now it is drained and crippled by corruption, exploitation and wider neglect. It was once the flagship of agrarian modernisation and the land of abundance, and now it is where India’s agrarian crisis is most acute; manifest in the continuation of civil unrest and farmer suicides amidst spiralling debt and a falling water table.

Our project seeks to understand and advocate on behalf of the farmers' concerns against state and Central Government. Often survivor families of farmers who have committed suicide struggle with the very basic elements of life – our project seeks to fill that gap, offer hope through education and livelihood for the families and to ensure that they have legal rights of protection.

Our key areas of focus are:

  • The prevention of farmer suicide, the rights of farmers (land ownership, understanding of changing legislations which will directly impact them), and the livelihoods and security of the families of farmers who have committed suicide (especially the women and children) is our primary concern for this agrarian project.
  • Working with farmers associations and academic institutions in India to raise more awareness and cultivate an interest in the rights and lives of this community.
  • Protecting farmers and their families who are threatened by moneylenders and loan sharks and also advocating for Government loan conditions to be fair.
  • Working with local and Central government to advocate for the safe and fair use of Panjab’s natural river water and resources. Over the last generation, Government decisions have led to river water from Panjab being siphoned off to other neighbouring states. Consequently, these decisions have adversely affected the livelihoods of farms and communities across Panjab leading to various social maladies.

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