In the Central African Republic, clashes among rival groups have forced thousands to flee their homes. In Nigeria, more than 2 million people have been forcibly displaced, including the 1.87 million who have fled from the militant group Boko Haram’s violence since 2014. Some 195,350 people have sought refuge in neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger. The continued violence has lead to the forced displacement of innocent civilians, a devastating humanitarian crisis, and a violation of human rights.

IDP Woman holding water in her hands in Maiduguri.
Twenty-year-old Phoebe Musa remembers the day Boko Haram militants stormed her village of Gwoza in Borno State, northeast Nigeria, five years ago. They came in on horseback, motorbikes and screeching military vehicles and attacked everyone in sight. Amid bursts of gunshots, they set fire to dozens of homesteads.

Maiduguri, the capital city of Nigeria's Borno state is home to Muna Refugee Camp. Lacking in the basics; food, clean drinking water, shelter and sanitation, they are left completely vulnerable. Doubly, the rainy season onsets more complication, invoking a rise in hepatitis E, cholera, malaria and other epidemics.

Millions of refugees across the world struggle daily with food rations and little to no access to fresh water. Like every year, we have one simple request - let’s try and support as many people as we can through this testing period. Together, we can provide much needed water and ease this Ramadan.

So many have already passed due to malnutrition, dehydration and disease. Currently, millions of internally displaces people (IDP's) and refugees in Maiduguri are without clean water,

This Ramadan, we give you the option to offer support for a lifetime, you can build a water well in the name of your loved ones for the refugees in Maiduguri.

Merely offering a glass of water to someone enriches the body the receiver and the soul of the giver. To offer a moment of sustenance via water is kind, but to ensure a lifetime of sustenance by helping to create a water source is life-saving.

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