In the cool month of November the Restless Beings Bangladesh team sip tea with some of the street children. Through these moments the team have come to witness how the children go about their day. Despite facing events and deprivations that no child should experience they have an acute appreciation of the simple things in life.

The team have endeavoured to capture these fleeting moments, insignificant to passers-by but monumental to their make up.

Some work for others to collect scraps of paper, card or packaging by the bagful; earning them around 100-200tk, equivalent to as little as £1 per day. They work tirelessly and without complaint.

Victorious is when they find something shiny glistening on the road; that which they can eat, use or trade. These two children live amongst the slums of the city. By day they venture out to play, but by evening they scout around to find things they can sell.

Being able to buy one good loaf of bread is a cause for envy amongst the children. One which they can share with their families or friends.

Sometimes in the night they’ll gather all their earnings and buy tea, snacks and cigarettes to fill their starving bellies. Most of them get one meal a day, usually morning rice and fish; getting a midnight snack is close to a luxury.

In some instances, seeing a foreigner will be enough to get them bubbling with curiosity and excitement. To ask questions and touch their skin is common with children who rarely receive the attention of the more privileged.

And in other moments, spending time with friends lessens the burden. Their enjoyment comes from playing football, cricket, running around on the street or simply being entertained by stray dogs!

Children such as these are forced to find enjoyment and satisfaction in the dire situations they are exposed to. These pockets of innocent pleasure are what drives them to live another day.

Help, as ever, is vital for these children. Through voicing and making donations towards the Restless Beings Village you can help us create a safe haven from the drug abuse, malnutrition and sexual exploitation that they face on a daily basis.

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