After being Restless for nearly three years my love for fashion and human rights had finally been able to come together- under the roof of the Broadway Theatre no less! The awesome students of London’s Dagenham and Barking College, studying Media, Performing Arts, Fashion and Dance, all collectively, with Restless Beings organised a spectacular night to raise awareness of the persecuted communities that we work with through the creative arts!

Outfits were created to reflect the key concepts of our restless vision of change; egalitarian,and consistent.The final show at the Broadway Theatre consisted of a short film of the history of Restless Beings projects; a dance theatre piece to illustrate the destructive and fatal consequences of bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan - Ala Kachuu; a short verbatim piece of drama depicting the displacement of the Rohingya community in Burma; and lastly a fashion show showcasing all of four projects! The audience were certainly impressed, but importantly learnt about communities and human rights abuses largely unknown to them. The dramatic pieces raising awareness on Ala Kachuu and the Rohingya community stunned and shocked many into silenced astonishment.

The hard work of all involved lead to the fantastic success of the night, putting LFW to shame! Bright lights, big love and many lollipops must be wished to all the students and teachers and the Broadway Theatre. None more so than Jo Price- leader of the Fashion Course, who consistently went out of her way to make this project and everyone thrive! The evening not only created a platform for the shining talent of the students, but also enabled the spotlight to be shone on the silenced and marginalised, and in total £345 was raised for the international communities that Restless Beings works with!

Throughout this journey the Restless beings team have been so impressed with the creativity and passion shown by the young students, a generation that has certainly been inspired and henceforth will continue to inspire.

Selection of photos below, a full set of photos can be found here

Love, Light & Lollipops

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