We've had a big day in Bishkek today. we spent last night planning a comprehensive and engaging workshop session that we will host before we fly back to the UK. the plan is to get the most important charities, student leaders, community organisations and opinion maker to come together under one roof for a workshop titled Creating Change Through Awareness : Non Consensual Ala Kachuu.

We plan to have this workshop a few days before we leave and this morning we got confirmation from The American University or Central Asia that they will allow us to host the event in one of their seminar rooms. The idea is that we bring the movers and shakers who are working with Ala Kachuu issue to discuss how we can move away from the stodgy type of awareness campaigns that are currently being held and to make them more imaginative and engaging for those that the campaign aims at - the youth. At the moment from all of our research we have found that whilst it is seen as something to be ashamed of, non consensual Ala Kachuu is still widely accepted. We are hoping that bringing the thinkers and campaign makers together to specifically talk about the best way to engage all parties will be able to take away from the workshop practical ways to make their campaigns more relevant for the intended audience. the poster is attached :)

Today was also a massive day for us on a strategic perspective. First up we set in action all the paperwork to get registered in Kyrgyzstan as a charity. all went well and we should be up and running by the time we leave Kyrgyzstan :)

And lastly but most importantly we today agreed a partnership with Cezim to provide a hotline for Ala Kachuu victims. Unfortunately I can't reveal too much more information yet as we have another meeting scheduled for the final dotting of the i's and crossing of t's. But as a whole this is massive news for us at it means that we will now be working directly with Ala Kachuu victims as well as acting as thought leaders on creating engaging campaigns for local charities. All in all a great days work

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