Earlier this year, we had researched the Sittwe registered and unregistered IDP camps to highlight the living conditions of the Rohingya who were moved to the area after the Summer attacks in June 2012. We strived to bring attention to the lack food, water, aid and shelter in the registered camps but also focus on the unregistered camps who did not receive anything at all.

The report names the different camps in Sittwe with an estimated population in each camp. We also gained two interviews with Rohingyas who are currently living in the registered camps along with a testimonial from Kalle Bergbom, a video journalist who had visited the camps a few months ago.

The report along with video footage of the registered and unregistered camps was sent to the WFP and UN in hopes to bring the urgent matter to light. After the report was passed onto the team in Myanmar, we received news that food rations were being sent to the registered camps. However, the unregistered camps are still yet to receive regular food rations apart from the minimal amount they get from the Rohingya in the registered camps who share the little that they have.

We hope to follow this up with an update of how our interviewees are doing now and if the situation has changed, yet this has been hard to do as it is difficult to get in touch with them again.

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