Restless Beings have been working with the stateless Rohingya community of Burma, since May 2010 to voice their struggles and work together towards a future free from oppression and marginalisation.

Through unfortunate circumstances, it was through the eruption of violence in Arakan in May 2012 that instigated a spotlight to be shone on the Rohingya struggles. Restless Beings, after receiving disturbing and unimaginable on the ground reports, believed atrocities akin to genocide, ethnic cleansing and xenophobia were occurring, yet we were criticised for using such terms. However, as more reports of international organisations are published, their results show exactly this kind of violence and now; more people worldwide are beginning to see the true ugliness revealed.

The Restless Beings Remember Rohingya report demonstrates the process of how as an organisation, we have worked to voice the Rohingyas in ways which may be unconventional, but played a part to the universal call for help of the Rohingyas. In the space of three months we sought to increase international awareness of the Rohingya, encouraging both individuals and world leaders to recognise and take action for Rohingya human rights, all the while seeking to ensure that the Rohingya had the media coverage they deserve, but which thus far had failed to receive.

Download the Remember Rohingya report here.

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