1st October 2013: Late this morning Kaman Muslim communities came under attack in Thandwe township, north-east Burma. The troubled region has seen a flurry of attacks recently in the past fortnight and the fresh attacks come as Vice President of Burma visits the area.

As has been seen with previous tensions, houses have been set alight belonging to Kaman families and up to 30 houses have been destroyed in Dabure Shine village in the Thandwe township. It had been hoped that following the Government's decision to disband the notorious Na Sa Ka border force would have seen a decrease of violence and a change of rhetoric from local Rakhine political groups. However as the tensions seem to see no end, security is becoming a serious issue for the Kaman. Unlike the Rohingya, who have been under heavy brutality by previous Governments and more recently in wide-scale mob attacks, the Kaman are recognised as citizens in Burma. The rhetoric used by highly politicised right wing fanatics such as '969', a group led by Monk Wira Thu, has steadily moved from anti-Rohingya to anti-Muslim in recent months and this is not the first attack on Kaman villages.

Latest images of scorched homes -1st October 2013
Lunchtime reports suggest that the Rakhine offensive against the Kaman and Rohingya has spread to other villages and is reminiscent of previous organised bloodshed and brutality. Restless Beings understands that Khin Maw and Thabyu Kyaing villages have seen Rakhine intrusions in the past few hours. Further updates to follow.

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