The day in Bishkek was a warm one, with clear skies and another opportunity to sport my Kyrgyz shades. Also the perfect weather for some off the cuff creativity.

After having tea with the director of 'I love Bishkek' a few days back, we agreed to do some collaborative work with a twist for the Restless Beings Ala Kachuu project.

Filling our bellies with lunch, the team were ready to start working from 4pm. A 27 strong team were all made up, briefed and prepared by 5pm - ready for some thought provoking antics. Our team ranged from as young as 13 to a dancing 85 year old woman and her three stooges.

What was predicted to be only a two hour session ended up becoming six and a half hours - why? A combination of us having way too much fun and some great improvisation by everyone involved. In fact, we managed to generate a crowd with a throng of kids following us. Groups of men sat on benches watching us whilst they had their afternoon tea. The children began to reciprocate all that we were doing.

With the support of our partner Sezim, the spirit of the team and the four mega-sized pizzas, made those six and half hours fly by very quickly.

I know I'm being vague, but all will be revealed very soon, and I assure you, it will be a mover and shaker.


Hasta luego for now amigos y amigas

Nancy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Restless Beings

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