Over the past ten days or so, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we were able to facilitate international media to gain access and film from within Rohingya camps that have been set up following the state led clashes between Rakhine on Rohingya in Arakan, Myanmar.

In an exclusive report, we facilitated the reporter to visit the camps and surrounding areas to highlight opinions held on both sides.

'It is a frustrating situation for Rohingya in the camps and villages. "As we are born in Myanmar, we must be Myanmar citizens," said Abu Shukur, a refugee living in a village outside Sittwe.
UK-based activist group Restless Beings, which has closely followed the crisis, has said Myanmar should recognise "rights for all ethnic minorities and... Rohingyas as citizens of the country".
Myo Min Aung said the government, under pressure from the international community, is now researching options for dealing with those displaced.'

You can read the full Al Jazeera article on their website.

"Rakhine Monk - Rohingya "Kalar" (black), whose characters are very bad, wild, devilish people came from Bangladesh illegally"

This is the first of a number of reports we have been working on facilitating with media in the region. Over the past weeks, many concerned from across the globe have called for international media - of course, the difficulty has always been the access, but, now, alongside this report and news that the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countres) has been granted access by the Burmese Government to temporarily allow aid, it is hoped that a lasting solution, one where citizenship will be granted to the Rohingya may begin.

The OIC will reconvene again later on Tuesday 14th at Makkah where Restless Beings footage will again be presented to the committee to highlight the need for more media awareness and international diplomacy.

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