On Tuesday 22nd January 2013, at the House of Commons, the Co-Founder of Restless Beings Rahima Begum was recognised in the British Bangladeshi Power 100. The BBPower100 is an event which celebrates leading British Bangladeshi figures who are helping shape the future of Britain with their ideas and talent, whilst recognising their success in a wide range of fields.

Rahima was recognised under the 'Emerging Influence' category for her tireless work and utter devotion not only to her work within Restless Beings but also her work across the community from co-hosting and speaking at women's rights events, championing arts and networking across the British Bangladeshi community, alongside work with local and national media. As an inspirational figure Rahima is a highly sought after panel expert, and has lectured on human rights both domestically and internationally. Her work leading Restless Beings support for the persecuted Rohingya community in Myanmar as well as women's rights in Kyrgyzstan received particular praise.

Rahima was quick to express her shock and gratitude at receiving this recognition saying on social media: 'When our passion and purpose is to support the most marginalised and become a voice for the neglected, we do it unconditionally and ask for nothing in return but love and support from others in our journey towards egalitarianism. But it's always nice to be shown that extra boost of support. Was a surprise to find out I was listed for the 2013 BB Power 100 tonight under the 'emerging influence' category.' adding 'I dedicate that to my source of inspiration Mabrur Ahmed (co-founder of Restless Beings) and our amazing Restless Beings team.'

Rahima would also like to extend her gratitude to everyone who follows Restless Beings, donors, and supporters. Without your continued support everything we do to help our projects would not be possible. So Thank you!

As an organisation, it is always such a pleasure to have our work recognised. This is not because we seek this recognition but because what comes with it - wide spread press coverage, which enables us as a grassroots human rights organisation working to voice the voiceless, to find other ways to communicate the issues and the struggles being endured by the communities who are at the heart of all our activities. Our focus has always been to ensure unheard and marginalised communities are brought to the forefront and there is a global understanding of the problems they are experiencing and the roots of their struggle. So we will continue onwards and greenwards to voice the voiceless and ensure every member of the international community is made aware of the countless human rights attacks and breaches taking place daily.

Here's to a happy new year and lots of positive humanitarian changes in 2013 and beyond. Stay with us.

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