The already suffering Rohingya need our support more than ever during this global pandemic. Our support packcould save the lives of the Rohingya thousands of miles away. We have an opportunity to show our solidarity with one of the most vulnerable communities of people anywhere in the world.

JUST £3 provides a Corona Support Pack for an entire family:
4 Face masks ,
2 Soaps for handwashing ,
Paracetamol ,
Vitamins and Saline

The Global Coronavirus Pandemic is wreaking havoc to health systems across the world with many having to isolate in order to protect their family and themselves from this deadly virus. Our well-stocked homes and the comforts of isolation many of us have is a vast difference from the daily struggles of the Rohingya. With more than 1 million crammed inside an incredibly small space in the camps in Bangladesh, and shelters made from plastic sheets and bamboo – isolation and protection from Corona will be incredibly difficult and any outbreak of Corona would be devastating.

The Rohingya live in overcrowded shelters/huts with many measuring no more than 3m by 3m with multiple members of the household squeezed into one space. Health facilities are already extremely thin and with orders now to shut the camps down to the outside world, the Rohingya face another calamity.

For just £3, we will provide a family with the items above. A one off support pack which could potentially save lives! Let’s help others as we help ourselves. Click here to support the Rohingya community in Bangladesh during this global pandemic.

Together We Are Stronger!

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