“The Burmese are carrying out what we call ethnic cleansing. We don’t want to fight, but we have to. The moment we give up there will be no Karen in this world.” Colonel Nadah Mya, Commander of the KNLA

The military junta of Burma has been opening itself up to the world with recent a high profile visit from Hilary Clinton, the US Secretary of State; however the plight of Burma’s ethnic minorities were marginalised once again. Burma becoming more open is a positive step however we need to remember its crimes against its peoples, especially its minorities. This documentary is a haunting story of the Karen people and their daily survival against a brutal regime.

The Karen are one of the largest ethnic groups resisting the country’s military rule and have been fighting for independence since 1949. They are predominantly Christian and since the Burmese capital was moved from Rangoon, the military junta have targeted them for eradication in three simple ways: no education; no healthcare and no food. The film draws attention to the devastating humanitarian and refugee situation; hidden footage of state brutality against ordinary people; children suffering from extreme malnutrition and harrowing personal accounts of military beatings and rapes.

Facing all these crimes the Karen community remain resolute in their fight against the regime even if they have been forgotten by the world.

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