Restless Beings has provided some welcomed Eid gifts to the women of our Ala Kachuu project with the amazing help of our supporters! The ‘Ala Kachuu’ (Bride Kidnapping) project has been operational since 2011 and this Ramadan we launched ‘A Helping Hamper’ campaign to provide a variety of basic materials and special gifts to women celebrating Eid. It consisted of a new set of clothes, a towel, hair brush, hair band, face cream, pocket mirror, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, toys and clothes for their children. The hamper also included an Eid feast and a family outing. While the feast and outing gave them the opportunity to celebrate Eid, the little necessities provided in the hamper will help to ease their everyday lives and give them some comfort.

Restless Beings is partnered with an NGO called Sezim and the refuge centre in Kyrgyzstan and your donations have helped us support Kyrgyz women affected by Ala Kachuuand other forms of domestic violence. 100% of donations are used to provide counselling to Ala-Kachuu victims; ongoing support in a transit refuge centre for displaced women and an educational outreach programme for the long term alleviation of non-consensual Ala-Kachuu.

While the hampers will provide temporary relief from their now troubled lives, we ask you to please continue to support this project and donate what you can to their on-going care.

Women and children in the transit centre opening hampers / Enjoying Eid feast

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