I take this opportunity to thank everybody and use this space to talk with you about the future we face together. Though at times it may seem uncertain, the future is ours to decide, ours to define and ours to win, and I know we will.This is the time we must reflect boldly as our resolve is being tested, but the Ugandan Dream and we as a nation must prevail. Overcoming the challenges we face today requires a new vision for tomorrow – the true and original Ugandan dream. We must move forward together, for the challenges we face are bigger than political party and greater than ordinary politics.
As we set out the plans for how far we can go as Ugandans, we need to know that we must be ready to work side by side with each other and the government from today untill we successfully transform Uganda from a third-world economy to a middle-income country within the next five years.

This is an article I wrote and a Ugandan leading newspaper, Daily Monitor, published it. Read it and let me know your views too!

Source: www.monitor.co.ug

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